Kuissential EvenGrind Coffee Grinder with Stabilizing Cage Kuissential EvenGrind Coffee Grinder with Stabilizing Cage

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The Kuissential Burr grinder is a great grinder and a great value. The container is glass, not plastic and has a nice silicone grip at the bottom so it doesn’t slide around as you grind. The plastic is thick and sturdy and does not buckle when you grip on it tightly. Once you get moving, grinding is a breeze.

This is a great little frother, I especially like the company’s attitude and the way it deals with their customers…┬áDid I mention this is an excellent frother?

It’s refreshing buying from a company that truly cares. I get the impression that customer satisfaction and word of mouth are very important to them. The SlickMat is great. Made cookies this weekend and they worked flawlessly! Now that I know how great they are, I need half a dozen more!


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