The Kuissential Guide To
Pour-Over Manual Drip Coffee

What you will need:

  • One #2 Coffee Filter
  • One #2 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
  • One Coffee Mug
  • Whole Roasted Coffee Beans (Medium to Light Roast)
  • One Manual Burr Coffee Grinder
  • One Kettle (Swan neck is ideal, but not required)
  • Kitchen Scale (Recommended, but not required)
Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide

Step One

Set some water to boil.

If you have a kitchen scale, measure our 25-30 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans.

To get the best tasting pour over coffee make sure you use fresh ground coffee beans. We recommend a medium to light roast.

Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide 002

Step Two

Using freshly ground coffee beans is one of the keys to making a great cup of coffee.

Using a burr grinder, grind two tablespoons (or about 25-30 grams of coffee beans) to a medium grind size, which is slightly larger than coarse sand.

For tips on choosing coffee beans, check out our Coffee Bean Selection Guide.

Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide

Step Three

Place your ceramic coffee dripper on top of your favorite coffee mug.

Place the #2 filter in the coffee dripper and pour hot water over the coffee filter to clean it and get rid of any paper taste. Pouring water on the dry filter also makes the filter stick to the cup, which makes things easier going forward.

Pour out the water that was used to clean the filter. Now you are ready to begin preparing your pour over coffee

Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide 004

Step Four

Pour the coffee grounds into the filter.

Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide 005

Step Five

When the kettle is boiling, let the water rest for about 30 seconds to get to the right temperature of 195-205 degrees.

Starting in the middle, pour just enough water to saturate the beans. This is known as “the bloom”. During this process you should be pouring twice as many grams of water as there are grams of beans. Let it sit 30-45 seconds.

Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide 006

Step Six

Slowly start pouring hot water around the center of the grounds. Pour a little at a time so it extracts properly.

Continue pouring until you have the amount of coffee you want to drink. Enjoy!

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