Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother




Are you a coffee lover that wants to enjoy barista quality frothed milk in the comfort of your own home? The Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother will help you turn your milk or cream into a rich, delicious, fluffy foam, that will transport you mentally to the Italian Countryside as you enjoy your homemade cappuccinos and lattes. This Deluxe Frother also gives you the option to heat up the milk as it froths. **NOTE: The Deluxe Milk Frother requires 110 voltage and should not be used for European Voltage Standard 220v. View FAQ and Tips about the Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother. Guides you may find useful: Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother Guide Kuissential Coffee Bean Guide Kuissential Pour Over Manual Drip Coffee Guide
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