EvenGrind Coffee Grinder with Stabilizing Cage



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The Kuissential EvenGrind is an excellent option for home grinding because it uses a patented system to deliver a very even grind size, something not found with current affordable grinders, while being a fraction of the price of expensive commercial grinders usually found in coffee shops.

Why do I need fresh coffee grounds?

The reason you need fresh grounds is because as soon as a coffee bean is ground, it begins to lose aroma and flavor. For the best tasting coffee you should buy whole coffee beans and grind them right before brewing.

Why do I need even coffee grounds?

The home grinder you choose should be as accurate as possible because each brewing method calls for a specific grind size. If your coffee grinder doesn’t let you set the grind size and doesn’t make even sized coffee grounds, then your coffee will not brew correctly.

If you use a French press with half coarse and half fine grind, the fine particles will over extract and give you a bitter tasting cup.

If you pull an espresso shot with half coarse and half fine grind, the coarse particles will under extract and give you a weak tasting espresso.

Kuissential EvenGrind includes a removable stabilizing cage that keeps the burr steady while still being easy to clean and also an upper and lower bearing for extra support and smoother handle turning. When combined you can see that our burr is totally stable at the grind size you set.

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