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Kuissential French Press Patent

Versa Travel French Press

Separates coffee grounds from coffee itself with double-wall stainless steel container to keep coffee hot for hours in blue or red



Kuissential EvenGrind

EvenGrind Coffee Grinder with Stabilizing Cage

An excellent option for home grinding with a patented system to deliver a very even grind size




Manual Ceramic-Burr Coffee Grinder 1.0 with Lids

A unique ceramic burr that lasts longer than steel, absorbs less heat, doesn't rust, and makes less noise


Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother

Turn milk or cream into a rich, delicious, fluffy foam for homemade cappuccinos and lattes


8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press

Have absolute control over coffee infusion time, plus a unique screen filter to essential coffee oils into your cup


SlickFroth 2.0 Milk Frother

Turn milk or cream into a rich, delicious, fluffy foam for specialty coffees, hot chocolates, and milkshakes


Ceramic Coffee Dripper Filter Cone

The ceramic design will not pass any odors or flavor into coffee – just place over a mug, set the paper filter, and add coffee and boiling water


SlickDrip Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper

Made from durable, FDA-approved silicone that collapses to less than 1 inch and brews delicious pour-over drip coffee anywhere


Coffee Grind Brush from Kuissential

Coffee Grinder Brush

7-inch brush with wooden handles makes cleaning coffee grinds out of grinders a breeze


KuissentialTwo-Speed Juice Extractor

Two-Speed Juice Extractor

A great model for beginner juicers with a 700-watt, two-speed motor for soft and hard fruits and vegetables


2-lb Programmable Bread Machine

Simply place ingredients in the bread pan, choose the type of bread, the size of your loaf, the color of the crust, press start, and the machine does the rest!


Foldable Wine Bags from Kuissential

Foldable Wine Bags

3-Pack of foldable, portable, and reusable 750 ml wine bags with easy flow spout


Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with 4 Stoppers from Kuissential

Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

Preserves the flavor of opened wine for up to 10 days by pumping air out of the bottle and sealing with a stopper