Where We Came From
The Story Behind Kuissential

Thanks for taking interest in the story behind Kuissential. We are a kitchen and coffee products brand that started out in 2011. Our mission is to leverage the power of the Internet to improve our customers' experience by communicating directly with them about product feedback, offering the best customer service possible, and sharing informative guides that go beyond standard user manuals.


Using the internet allows us to open up the conversation with you so we can quickly gain feedback and learn what you loved about your purchase, and where we can improve.

If you have purchased from us before, you probably noticed that we emphasize customer feedback. Unlike other brands, we want you to purchase our products based on the validation of customer reviews and not because of marketing.

We take your feedback into serious consideration. If you are ever unsatisfied, we want to look into what went wrong. This way we can improve our product or, if need be, drop it all together. Your feedback also helps us make better instruction manuals that cover frequently asked questions, and gives us ideas for new guides we should produce.

Customer Service

It happens sometimes the product you ordered isn’t exactly what you wanted. We’ve all been there. Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you are totally taken care of.

At Kuissential there is no customer service manual full of tedious rules and regulations. There is just one principle: Make sure every customer is happy with their experience.

If you received a defective unit, we will gladly send a replacement. If the product wasn’t really for you, return it no questions asked.

If you need help and have a question, shoot us an e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

Whatever you need, we are there for you. That’s a promise.

...the manufacturer of this product stands behind their products and offers great customer service. I purchased an earlier model of this frother and when I had problems with it, I contacted the manufacturer. Within 24 hours they had replaced the defective frother and offered to send me this new one at no charge. I really appreciate that kind of customer service and would definitely recommend any of the Kuissential products because of that. - Scott K., Amazon.com Review

Product Support Guides

One of our favorite parts of interacting with our customers is sharing different tips and info to help you get the most out of the product you purchased. We want to go beyond a simple instruction manual and really go in depth to help you become a pro! For example, if you bought one of our coffee products, you can check out our guides on Selecting Coffee Beans and How to Make Pour Over Coffee.

A few Kuissential guides, with more to come:

Kuissential-Coffee-Bean-Guide-CoverGuide-to-Coffee-GrindingPour-Over-Manual-Drip-Coffee-Guide-Cover-SmallFrench-Press-Guide 200 250French-Press-Guide 200 250